Our Food

At The Table at Fort Plain, we feel there is nothing better than food that has traveled only a short distance from the farm to the plate – we love finding the freshest food at market and then getting out of its way.

We want to offer creative dishes but not at the expense of the integrity of the ingredients. Asparagus should taste of asparagus, and the flavors of grilled meats should be in the forefront, not buried in needlessly chefey sauces.

To us, this means we must eat with the seasons. It’s not natural to find great tomatoes in January in the Mohawk Valley; so you won’t find them on our menus. It’s only common sense that sweet corn is best in August and the excitement of finally getting that first ear is worth a whole year’s wait.

To move with the seasons or menus change as the seasons change; letting us bring new treats to the table. We are always looking for fun new things to add to the special that we write the morning of your visit.


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